Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In Homer skin

Today, I'm happy to see that all of my slights mishaps are finished, but yesterday I was in trouble . The story started when my little boy put his red cap with my white t-shirt on the washing machine. All of my t-shirts became pink and I went to work with one of them. Every body made fun about that, but not me because Mr. Burns thought that I wanted to be different from the other workers and he locked up me in jail.

(How I felt)
At the start of this big nightmare, I was furious at Bart, but he didn't know when he put his red cap in the washing machine ; that it was a mistake , so I forgave him. After that , when I went to my job and when I went to my job and when Mr. Burns locked me up in jail, I remembered that I forgave Bart and this time I wanted to kill him, but a few days after that he helped me to get out of jail and today I remember that and I'm pround of him.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bad boy

The Simpsons

Hi, my name is Bart Simpson , I live in Springfield with my little family. In this city every one thinks that I’m a bad boy and it’s not false. Last week, there was an intelligence test, I saw in this test an opportunity to prove that I was a genius. It was easy for me to do this exam, I just cheated and every body mistook me for a child genius. My parents were proud of me because I had a better note than Lisa's note and she became jealous. Marge and Homer enrolled me in a school for gifted students and when I did the first class, I wanted to be cool like when I was in the Springfield School. This new school was really different than the other, because if you wanted to be cool ,there, you had to read books and know the history of music, I felt bad immediately and I wanted to come back to my elementary school. I confessed to every body that I cheated when I did the intelligence test , all the people told me that I made a mistake and I became the bad boy that I was.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Questions about the Simpsons

1. Did you think that the Simpsons family is stupid?
2. Where did the Simpsons family live?
3. Did you know that Springfield is a real city?
4. Did Lisa is an intelligent girl?
5. Why did Bart is a bad boy?
6. What did Homer love at all cost?

True story

The Simpsons

This story was about the relationship between Marge and Homer .We know that Homer is a funny guy but this time he became really stupid. He didn’t cared about his wife and he didn’t did something for her. Marge wanted to have some fun and brought some action in there own life, she went to Springfield city and she found a mysterious men. This men brought some flowers to Marge and he was so cute but in the reality his intentions were bad. Homer was stupid but in his heart he love Marge and his family and he decided to do something to save his marriage. He went to the restaurant with Marge and he paid the big price for champain to make good impression. Marge was in trouble she didn’t knew who kept between her new relationship or Homer and her beautiful family. Nice happy end in this story, Marge came to Homer job to said that she loved him.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Simpsons story

The Simpsons are a little family who live in Springfield. This family has four important members. The first one is Homer, the father of the family. He’s not very intelligent and he likes to drink some beers but sometimes he’s able to save the situation. The second one is Marge, the mother of the family. She loves her family and she doesn't in agree with the ideas of Homer for the most of the time. The third one of the important members of the family is Bart, a little bad guy and he dislikes school. The last one is Lisa, the little sister of Bart. She’s a little bit less important than the others, but in some stories this girl saves the rest of the family because she’s very intelligent. The Simpsons has another member (Maggy) but she isn’t very important because she’s a little baby and she isnt able to talk and they have some other secondaries characters in Springfield, but I will talk about them another time. I like this TV show because every days a new story begins.